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Hashem Mohamed Hadayat was born on 07/04/1960 in Egypt. He moved to USA in 1991. In 1996 Hashem  Hadayat was about to be deported back to Egypt but his wife received a “Green card” and he was permitted to stay in the USA.  


Hashem  Hadayat was married with one child, and had lived since 2000 in Irvine, California, 70 km south of Los Angeles, working on a green card, as a limousine driver.  


On his 42 birthday, 07/04/2002, Hashem  Hadayat, armed with pistol attacked the El Al terminal counter of Los Angeles international airport killing 2 Jews and wounding 7 more. He was, almost immediately, overcome by Israeli security officers and handed over to the USA authority. 


At first the FBI categorized the attack as a hate crime against Jews, not necessarily linked to the Global Jihad. Only after a year, when Hashem  Hadayat’s background and former relations were fully revealed the El Al Los Angeles attack was, officially, recognized by USA authority as an Islam-motivated terror attack. 


According to the Egyptian intelligence Hashem  Hadayat met in 1988 with Ayman Al Zawahiri, who became later the second in command in Al Qaeda. There is no other confirmation to the meeting, where it took place and what was the subject of the meeting – if it really took place.   


Hashem  Hadayat had good relation with the Egyptian co-pilot Gameel el-Batouty that plunged Egypt-Air Boeing 767 Flight 990 into the Atlantic on 10/31/1999 in what is, yet, a mystery but is suspected also to be a terror attack, since many of the 217 passengers killed in the crash were Egyptian air force pilots and officers (see – EGYPT-Air 990 ). 


Hashem  Hadayat maintained undercover links to the Al Farook Mosque cell in Brooklyn, New York, to the “blind sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman and Ramzi Yousef. Both are serving time for their role in the World Trade Center Bombing (WTC) on 02/26/1993. 


In 1993-1998 Hashem  Hadayat worked as a limousine driver in a company named ‘Mercury’. The Security officials of El Al in Los Angeles asked ‘Mercury’, long time before the El Al Los Angeles attack, not to post him in any limousine transportation to El Al terminal counter of Los Angeles. In 1998 Hashem  Hadayat set up his own limousine service for air passengers. 


Ten days before the El Al Los Angeles attack Hashem  Hadayat send his family back to Egypt.  


Today (09/2007) Hashem  Hadayat is in USA custody.


Summary  ; 


* Hashem  Hadayat was, probably, influenced by the ideology and the atmosphere of Islamic Militancy and was in touch with some of its people. His attack on El Al terminal counter of Los Angeles was, most likely, motivated by hatred toward Jews. There is no essential proof that Hashem  Hadayat was a super sophisticated ‘sleeper” terrorist in the service of Al Qaeda or the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad .


There is no real difference between hate attacks or terror attacks. 


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