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Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil was born on 07/23/1976 in Cairo, Egypt and is a dual EGYPTIAN and Kenyan citizen.

Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil was one of Al Qaeda’s team that assembled the car bomb designated to the USA embassy in Tanzania’s capital Dar Es Salaam in the 08/07/1998 attack.

Five days before the attack Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil, with Ahmed Salim Swedan, flew to Karachi, Pakistan.

On 12/16/1998 Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil was indicted, in absentia, in the Southern District of New York, USA, alongside Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Ali Mohammed for his role in the 08/07/1998 attack. According to the federal indictment, Mustafa Mohammed Fadhil received instructions from Osama Bin Laden to militarize Al Qaeda’s cell in East Africa in 1997, and began plotting the Tanzania bombing with Khalfan Khamis Mohamed in early 1998. He was accused in particular for preparing TNT and loading that TNT plus other explosives into the truck which was used as a bomb in Tanzania. US Department of State has offered a $25 million reward for information leading directly to his apprehension.

On 08/2004 Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil was removed from the 22 most wanted Al Qaeda operatives issued in 10/2001 by the FBI and also from a similar list maintained by the State Department. It happened shortly after it was reported that an Egyptian “big fish” with a “multi-million dollar bounty on his head” was captured in Pakistan by Pakistani authorities.

Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil’s removal from the “Most wanted” list by USA authority without abolishing the charges against him leads to many speculations that he is currently in secret custody or protection of either Pakistan or the USA, although there has been no official confirmation or denial.

Intelligence sources in US believe Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil served as the deputy and second in command of Abdul Hadi al-IRaqi in FATA region of Pakistan and is believed to be killed in Afghanistan, in mid 2004, although his death was never confirmed.

Today (10/2007) Mustafa Mohammed  Fadhil’s whereabouts remain officially unknown.


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