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* Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Mughassil, known also as Abu Omran or Arfad, was born in Saudi Arabia in 06/27/1967.

Ahmed Al-Mughassil was somehow connected to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and to its proxy – the Hizbullah in Lebanon and the notorious Imad Mughniyah. He is thought to be trained in Lebanon or Iran.

Since 1993 Ahmed Al-Mughassil was the alleged head of the “military wing” of the terrorist organization, Saudi Hezbollah. He operated under the spiritual leader and political head of the organization – Abdelkarim al-Nasser .

From 1995 Ahmed Al-Mughassil was directed directly by an Iranian military officer who guided him and his cell how to conduct surveillance after American military targets in order to find the weak spot in their protection system.  By fall 1995, Ahmed Al-Mughassil had decided that Saudi Hezbollah would attack Khobar Towers with a tanker truck loaded with explosives. In early 1996, Ahmed Al-Mughassil began to collect and hide explosives around the Khobar area.

In 02/1996, one of Hizbullah operatives drove a carload of explosives from Beirut, Lebanon, to the Saudi Arabian eastern province city of Qatif, in preparation for the attack.  In 03/1996, Saudi border guards stopped a second car filled with explosives from Beirut.  The car was seized and the driver arrested, and by 04/1996 three other members of the terrorist cell were apprehended. The Saudi security service failed to put together the picture of the information they had already before the Khobar attack.

On 06/25/1996 night Ahmed Al-Mughassil, with Ali Saed el-Hoorie , drove a truck loaded with 1.5 tone home made explosives to the USA military compound known as Khobar Towers near Dhahran. He parked the car bout 30 meters from the compound wall, in the housing complex, and activated the timer detonators. The car exploded few minutes later at about 21:50.

Ahmed Al-Mughassil fled Saudi Arabia immediately after the Khobar Towers attack using fake passport. He was not caught and is still at large. According to Saudi intelligence today (03/2008) Ahmed Al-Mughassil is living comfortably in Iran with Abdelkarim al-Nasser , another prime suspect in committing the Khobar Towers attack.

Ahmed Al-Mughassil is considered a top fugitive by the USA Justice Department with a reward of $5 million to anyone who will provide information which will lead to his arrest.–

MUGHASSIL*According to the Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, on Wednesday 08/26/2015  Ahmed al-Mughassil was arrested in Beirut and handed over to Saudi authorities in the capital, Riyadh, It said Ahmed al-Mughassil  planned the bombing in Tehran and headed the Iranian-backed Saudi offshoot of the Hezbollah militant group.

An Arab intelligence source told CNN, on Wednesday 08/26/2015.that Ahmad Ibrahim al-Mughassil was actually nabbed in Lebanon in a Saudi-led operation, after In recent months, Saudi intelligence had been zeroing in on Mughassil. He was  “bundled into a plane,” and taken to Saudi Arabia according to the source..

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