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Adil  Charkaoui was born in Morocco in 1974. He arrived to Canada in 1995 with his mother, father and sister. Adil  Charkaoui graduated with an MA from Montreal University and is a French teacher. He is married and has three children.

Adil  Charkaoui was arrested in 05/2003 officially under an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). His arrest echoed Ahmed Ressam arrest on 12/21/1999. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service – CSIS issued a “security certificate”, based on Ahmed Ressam investigation and collaboration, that allowed evidence to be kept from the defense and the public.

CSIS alleges that Adil  Charkaoui is a sleeper agent for Al Qaeda and participated in terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan prior to The 9/11.

On 02/18/2005 Adil  Charkaoui was released from prison on $50,000 bail. His bail conditions included a curfew, electronic monitoring, designated chaperones for leaving his home, restriction to the island of Montreal, 24-hour police access to his home without warrant, and a prohibition on access to the internet, on the use of cell phones and on the use of any telephone except the one in his home.

Adil  Charkaoui came at the centre of a public campaign in Canada against the extension of state power in the name of the “war on terror”.

On Thursday 06/26/2008, the Canadian Supreme Court scolded the country’s spy agency CSIS for destroying evidence about Adil  Charkaoui when he was fighting in court deportation over alleged terror links. Eventually Adil  Charkaoui was never formally charged with any terror related charges.


* According to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)  documents, leaked to Canadian newspapers in early 08/2011, Adil  Charkaoui and Abousfian Abdelrazik had discussed a plot to blow up a plane, possibly an Air France flight, between Montreal and Paris. The conversation took place, probably, sometime before 2003.

 Both Adil  Charkaoui and Abousfian Abdelrazik sued the Canadian government with 25$ Millions for their alleged abuses of rights and falsely linked to terror schemes. On Thursday 08/11/2011, Adil  Charkaoui denied, in a statement issued by his supporters, that he ever plotted to blow up a plane headed for France and called for a public inquiry over the issue.


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