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Essam Al-Qamari was a follower of Sayyid Qutb, was a decorated tank commander and Major in the Egyptian army, who smuggled weapons and ammunition from army strongholds for al-Jihad, one of the groups that formed in 1979 the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad.

Essam Al-Qamari realized he would likely be implicated soon, when the Egyptian police arrested a man smuggling weapons, who was carrying a map of the military’s tank placements in 02/1981. He took the opportunity to disappear.

After the assassination of the Egyptian President Anwar Saadat, on 10/06/1981, Essam Al-Qamari was suspected that he coordinated a follow-up attack at Sadat’s funeral in an attempt to decapitate the Egyptian government and install their own “Islamic” government.

Montasser al-Zayyat, a well known Egyptian lawyer, who got his reputation in defending Islamic militants in court, claimed that under torture of the Egyptian police, following his arrest, on 10/15/1981, in connection with the murder of Anwar Saadat in 1981, Ayman Al Zawahiri revealed the hiding place of Essam Al-Qamari suspected of playing a “key role” leading to his “arrest and eventual execution.”

Ayman Al Zawahiri testified against Essam Al-Qamari and thirteen other associates during their trials. Essam Al-Qamari was eventually executed in 04/15/1982, along with Khalid El-Islambouli,  Muhammad al-Salam Faraj and three others


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