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Adam  Yahiye Gadahn was born o9/01/1978 in a goat-farm in South California as Adam Pearlman to a Christian family. His father converted to Christianity from Judaism.  Adam  Yahiye Gadahn was home schooled until 1995 when his family moved to his grandparents in Santa Ana, California.  While on the farm his family raised and butchered goats in accordance with Islamic food requirements for sale to Muslim groceries. It probably made Adam  Yahiye Gadahn aware of some aspects of Islamic life.

In Santa Ana Adam  Yahiye Gadahn was described by former friends as a “loner” who had little experience in social situations and a fan of heavy rock band “Death Metal”. In 1995 at the age of 17, Adam  Yahiye Gadahn began studying Islam at the Islamic Society of Orange County, California and got acquainted to Khalil Deek and Hisham Diab. In early 1996 he converted to Islam. In 05/1997 Adam  Yahiye Gadahn was arrested and convicted for assaulting his former mentor in the Islamic Society  Haytham Bundakji that he called “Danny the Jew” for his interpretation of Islam.

In 1998 Adam  Yahiye Gadahn moved to Pakistan where he is living today (05/2007). He married an Afghan woman. In 2000 Adam  Yahiye Gadahn met in Pakistan Khalid Shaik Mohammed. Although he refused to Khalid Shaik Mohammed’s request to participate in suicide attack in USA on the ground that he is expecting a baby very soon he integrated in Al Qaeda personnel as a translator and propagandist.

On 05/26/2004 the FBI claimed in a report that Adam  Yahiye Gadahn was one of seven Al Qaeda members, included in the Summer 2004 Alert, who were planning terrorist actions for the summer or fall of 2004 alongside two other notorious terrorists Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani and Fazul Abdullah Mohammed.

Ever since 10/2004 Adam  Yahiye Gadahn appears in As-Sahab’s video footage broadcasted in the name of Al Qaeda, very often with Ayman Al Zawahiri. In his perfect English he is threatening the world and especially USA to stop the killing of Muslims and stop the support of Israel. The last footage was broadcasted in Al Jajeera TV network on 05/29/2007.

On 08/08/2007 yet another videotape with Adam Yahiye  Gadahn, which is an hour long, was broadcasted on the net. In the video he blamed India for “killing more than 100,000 Muslims in Kashmir with US blessing”. Adam Yahiye  Gadahn added that USA and INDIAN embassies all over the world are now legitimate targets and, like always, hinted on possible attacks in the heart of the USA. 

According to USA intelligence sources Adam Yahiye  Gadahn was, probably, killed by a UAV drone missile attack in North-West Pakistan in 01/2008. Anyway the bounty of his head was reduced from $5 millions to only $1 million.


Today (08/2007) Adam Yahiye Gadahn is living somewhere in Pakistan. He is on the most wanted list of USA authority for treason. It is unclear how dangerous Adam  Yahiye Gadahn is to the security of USA.

Adam  Yahiye Gadahn reappeared in a video footage posted in the web on Tuesday 09/22/2009 (see -Footage 09.22.09 ). He distributed another footage, on Sunday 03/07/2010, in which he called Muslim soldiers in the USA army to attack targets in USA and Europe just as the Fort Hood shooter, Maj. Malik Hasan did, on 11/05/2009 (see – Footage 03.07.10 ).


On 04/23/2015  President Obama declassified a U.S. Counterterror Operation and stated that Adam Yahiye Gadahn was killed in January 2015 by a UAV drone strike.


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