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Fahid Ally  Msalam was born in Mombasa, Kenya, on 02/09/1976 to a family of Yemeni descent. He was an athlete, but dropped out after two years of high school. In 1992 his father thought it best to send him to Yemen to “become a real man”.

Fahid Ally  Msalam returned to Mombasa in 1994 and worked for some time as a clothing vendor. According to his relatives he was a changed man: “We found him to be very religious” – they described him. Fahid Ally  Msalam discouraged his mother from driving and watching television because it wasn’t religious.

His Father died in the mid-1990s. Shortly after his father death in the mid-1990s, Fahid Ally  Msalam came under the influence of Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan. In 1996, Fahid Ally  Msalam began to associate with members of Al Qaeda in Mombasa and he was, probably, recruited to the organization by Mohammed Saddiq Odeh.

In Late 1996 Fahid Ally  Msalam went with Ahmed Salim Swedan for training period in Al Qaeda’s camp in Afghanistan.   Fahid Ally  Msalam became an Al Qaeda’s team leader. He arrived to Dar Es Salaam in 06/1998 in order to coordinate and supervise the assembling of the car bomb designated to USA embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital, on the 08/07/1998 attack. Shortly before the attack Fahid Ally  Msalam flew to Karachi Pakistan.

On 12/16/1998 Fahid Ally  Msalam was indicted in the Southern District of New York, USA, alongside Fazul Abdullah Mohammed , Ali Mohammed and other Al Qaeda operatives for his role in the 08/07/1998 attack.  

Since 10/2001 Fahid Ally  Msalam was put on the FBI list of the 22 most wanted Al Qaeda Operatives. US Department of State has offered a $5 million reward for information leading directly to the apprehension of Fahid Ally  Msalam.

Fahid Ally  Msalam, using the name Usama al-Kini (in Arabic Usama the Kenyan), was killed, eventually, In the FATA region of South Waziristan Pakistan, along with Ahmed Salim Swedan, on 01/01/2009. according to intelligence sources they masterminded the Marriott Bombing in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 09/20/2008 and the Karachi carnage as well . See – Karikot 01.01.09 .

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