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Hussein  Turi is an Algerian citizen and was a member of the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM cell. He used French forged passport under his name and lived in Jordan with forged documents. Hussein  Turi had former connections to Al Qaeda and Abu Zubaydah. He served as a link to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Hussein  Turi was among the first to be arrested on 12/12/1999 in connection with the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot. Hussein  Turi quickly cooperated with the JORDANIAN Authority and exposed the safe hiding-places in Amman and the near by Palestinian refugee camps. In his investigation he revealed the existence of another terrorist cell, which was run by fellow Algerians in Montreal, Canada.  According to Hussein  Turi the Montreal 99 cell was planning an attack to coincide with the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM, and that the target would not be Canada, but the United States. His investigation led to the arrest of Ahmed Ressam on 12/21/1999 when he tried to enter USA from Canada and to the foiling of the LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM Plot.

Today (07/2007) Hussein  Turi is under the protection of the Jordanian Authority. Hussein  Turi cooperates with them and his exact location is unknown to the public.

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