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* Aboud-Rogo Mohammed, aka Albadiri, is a Muslim cleric in Mombasa since 1997. Aboud-Rogo Mohammed introduced Mohammed Kubwa Mohammed to Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and two others, who were later indicted by a U.S. court for the 08/07/1998 attack on the U.S. Embassy building in Nairobi. Aboud-Rogo Mohammed was released on bail after his arrest in spring 2003 and acquitted, on 06/29/2005, from all charges (see – Mombasa Trial).

Aboud-Rogo Mohammed was rearrested at Kanamai in Kilifi by Anti terrorism police and charged, on Wednesday 12/22/2010, with engaging in an organised criminal activity by being a member of al-Shabab in connection with the Nairobi Blast, on Monday 12/20/2010 (see- Nairobi 12.20.10 ).

* On Monday 01/30/2012 Aboud-Rogo Mohammed was rearrested in Mombasa and charged with holding firearms, ammunition, hand grenades and detonators in circumstances that indicate he was armed with intent to commit murder .Aboud-Rogo Mohammed, who appeared before a Mombasa court, also faced four counts of being in possession of firearms without certificates and another charge of being in possession of explosives .He is said to have committed the offences, on Sunday 01/29/2012, at Kanamai village in Kilifi County.

Aboud-Rogo Mohammed was killed, on Monday 08/27/2012, in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa after he was shot multiple times in his car by what seems to be a drive by shooting.


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