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Over million people went out to the streets of Teheran on Monday 06/15/2009 protesting against the outcome of the Iranian elections, on 06/12/2009. Simultaneously hundreds of thousands protested in other Iranian main towns. The demonstrations went on for few days and diminished gradually due to what the Western Democracies named “brutal oppression”. All together about 20 people were killed in the “brutal oppression” and few hundreds were arrested, especially from the leadership (see – Khamenei’s Speech).


There are a little more the 7 millions ethnic Uyghur in Xinjiang province in North-West China, a minority in their own region, due to massive Chinese immigration encouraged by the Chinese authorities. They are scattered in several towns and hundreds of villages. By all accounts the number of Uyghur participating in a protest, on Sunday 07/05/2009, in Urumki, against the Chinese regime could not reach more then few thousands. Although the demonstration turned violent and protesters threw stones and heavy objects on the Chinese police, regular in Palestinian protests against Israel in the Palestinian territories, it is hard to explain the number of 156 killed by Chinese security forces, the about 800 wounded and the arrest of about 1400 Uyghur suspects in the next 24 hours. It seems the oppression is very relative. The events are the bloodiest in China since the Tiananmen Square bloodshed in 1989.


USA is dependent on China to contain the North Korean nuclear threat. It also depends on China in order to recover the USA economy. It is China, nowadays the third biggest economy in the world, who puts pressure on the world’s economy institutions to replace the USA Dollar by another currency as the world trade currency. China has over 750 billions US$ in its reserve and is, therefore, able to flood the international markets with China dollars (similar to Petro-Dollars) and to actually decrease the value of the USA dollar to a record low, which will cripple the USA economy for long.


Therefore we can expect that the world’s response to the Uyghur’s oppression by the Chinese authorities will be very weak, far from the international condemnation of Iran.  The Tibetans or the Uyghur’s right to self determination, the same right which occupies the world when it comes to the Palestinian rights, will hardly be mentioned  in any international quorum and no UN inquiry will be set to investigate “crimes against humanity” in China.


It is reasonable to assume that if USA wants to promote its worldwide agenda to cope with nuclear proliferation, to contain the threat of terror of all kinds, to tighten the dialog and cooperation with other superpowers of the world and to recover the world’s economy – it will be the small nations and communities who will pay the price if they will stay in the way of those global interest.
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