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In contrast to the well edited video footages starring with Ayman Al Zawahiri and distributed through the web at list once a month, Audio tapes of low quality from Osama Bin Laden are broadcasted about twice a year in the last 4 years. It indicates that the man on the steering wheel of Al Qaeda is, in fact, Ayman Al Zawahiri and that the physical condition and accessibility of Bin Laden are problematic.


Therefore, in order to create an impression that Osama Bin Laden is much more active then he really is it is a routine to broadcast his relatively rare audios in two or three parts. There is therefore no wonder that after an Audio from Bin Laden was broadcasted in the web, on 09/13/2009 (see – Laden 09.13.09), the second part appeared soon after.


Indeed, on Friday 09/25/2009, Osama bin Laden was warning, in yet another audio tape, that Al Qaeda could retaliate against Europe for its alliance with the United States in the war in Afghanistan.


Bin laden said in a the “new” audiotape posted on Islamic Web sites that Europe should pull out of the coalition with the United States, warning that it shares blame for NATO-ISAF airstrikes in Afghanistan that have killed civilians.


Addressing Europeans, he asks, “how do think you will fare after America pulls out – Allah permitting – for us to retaliate from the oppressor on behalf of the oppressed?”


“An intelligent man doesn’t waste his money and sons for a gang of criminals in Washington,” the US-based SITE Intelligence Group monitoring service quoted bin Laden as saying on Friday.


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