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* Jack George Roche was born in 1953 as Paul George HOlland in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. In 1978 Jack  Roche immigrated to Australia where he worked as a taxi driver and factory worker.

Jack  Roche had unstable life, was married twice and suffered from heavy drinking problem before converting to Islam in 1992. In a Sydney Mosque, where Jack  Roche used to worship, he got acquainted to local supporters of the INDONESIAN JI and was, himself, diverted to Islamic militancy.

Under the influence of his new Islamic friends, Jack  Roche then traveled to Indonesia to learn more about Islam, where he met his third, and current, wife. He also established, in 1996, relations with Hambali, the senior Jamaa Islamiya operative in charge on section 4 (Mantiki 4) of Australia and New Zeeland. Jack  Roche received 8,000$ from Hambali to establish a terror cell in Australia.   

In early 2000, Jack  Roche traveled to the Middle East, including Israel, and then continued to Afghanistan, where he met with Al Qaeda leaders, such as Khalid Shaik Mohammed and, ultimately, Osama Bin Laden. After that, he received training in terrorist techniques. Jack  Roche was then instructed to set up a terror cell in Australia and to target Israeli interests in the country, including a plot to bomb the Israeli embassy in Canberra.

Back in Australia, in 06/2000, a quarrel breached out between Jack  Roche and Abdul Rahman Ayub and his twin brother, Abdul Rahim Ayub, both INDONESIAN JI operatives, who would be in charge on the operations in Australia. Jack  Roche was also unsuccessful in bringing in new recruits for the cell.

The quarrel reached such an extent that, according to intelligence sources, Abu Bakar Bashir personally ordered, at the end of 2001 to cancel further terror related activity in Australia through Jack  Roche. It is most likely that the main reason to the cancellation was The 9/11 and the anti terror drastic measures taken by the Australian authority.  

Anyhow, Jack  Roche was spotted from 06/2000, through the surveillance cameras around the Israeli embassy too many times, roused suspicions and was put under Australian security service (ASIO) surveillance.

Disappointed from his status in the INDONESIAN J.I and the idleness he was forced to, Jack  Roche approached US consulate in Sydney on 07/2002. The USA consulate directed Jack  Roche to the Australian security service (ASIO), where “nobody seemed particularly interested in what was going on” Jack  Roche claimed.

Jack  Roche was, finally, arrested on 11/18/2002 and charged of conspiring to commit an offence – namely intent to endanger the lives of Israeli diplomats in Canberra. On 06/2004 Jack  Roche was convicted and sentenced to 9 years. Jack  Roche’s investigation, by the authorities led, eventually, to the exposure of the Australian Terror Network.   

Jack  Roche was released on 05/17/2007. He lives today (12/2007) in South Perth, Australia.


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