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* Mufti Abdul Bashar Kasmi also known as Abdus Suban and Shaukeer was born in 1981. He is the eldest among seven siblings in a poor family. Abdul Bashar Kasmi completed his primary education in Arabic and Urdu at the Madrassa Islah in Sarai Meer area of Azamgarh in Uttar-Pradesh in Northern India. In 01/2005 Abdul Bashar Kasmi left home to take up a teaching job in Hyderabad which grated him, eventually, the title Mufti. He became an English teacher at Jame-atul Sheikh Al Maududi, a seminary run by Maulana Islahi. Abdul Bashar Kasmi stayed at the Madrassa till 01/2007 and drew a salary of Rs 3,000 per month.

In Hyderabad, Abdul Bashar Kasmi worked also as editor of a monthly Urdu magazine ‘Nishan-e-Rah’ (Milestone) that was published by Idara-e-Mutalae Islam located in Saidabad.  Abdul Bashar Kasmi also applied for the diploma course in journalism offered by the Maulana Azad National Urdu University but didn’t attend classes.

The Indian police suspected Abdul Bashar Kasmi’s linked with terror elements after he disappeared from the city in 04/2007, a month before the Mecca Masjid Bombing, on 05/18/2007, in Hyderabad. His name emerged during the interrogation of terror suspects arrested in Karnataka in 01/2008.

Mufti  Abdul Bashar Kasmi was arrested, simultaneously with other 8 suspects, on Saturday 08/16/2008, by the Indian police in Lucknow, Uttar-Pradesh’s capital as a prime suspect of masterminding and financing the Ahmedabad Bombings. His arrest became possible due to the arrest of Sajid Mansuri, on 08/11/2008, and his intensive interrogation.

The Indian police and security services believe that Mufti  Abdul Bashar Kasmi replaced Safdar Nagori, after his arrest in late 03/2008, as the chief terror attacks coordinator of SIMI and that Mufti  Abdul Bashar Kasmi re-grouped the SIMI network after Nagori’s arrest.

According to the Indian police Mufti  Abdul Bashar Kasmi planned the attacks in the house of Yunus Mansuri in Bapunagar area of Ahmedabad.

Police believes that Sajid Mansuri, Mufti  Abdul Bashar Kasmi and a third suspect arrested too – Shahbaz Hussain, are linked to the Jaipur Bombings from Saturday 05/13/2008 evening.


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