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* Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk was born in Egypt in the mid 50s’. He graduated the Cairo University in computer science along with Mustafa Hamza. After graduation Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk served in the Egyptian Army as an officer.

Following the assassination of President Anwar Saadat, on 10/06/1981, Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk was arrested and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Released in 1988, Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk moved to Afghanistan where a fellow Egyptian Sayyed Imam al-Sharif and Ayman Al Zawahiri were gathering EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad – EIJ members. In 1992 Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk moved to Sudan following Ayman Al Zawahiri.

In 1994, Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk’s 17-year old son Musab, along with Ahmed, the 15-year old son of Mohammed Sharaf, a fellow Islamic activist, were captured in Sudan by the Egyptian Mukhabarat (Intelligence) and sexually abused.

The two teenagers were blackmailed with videotape of the sodomy, until they agreed to act as informants against their fathers’ group. Musab went through his father’s files and photocopied them for the Egyptians, but the Sudanese intelligence service saw the covert meetings and alerted al-Jihad. After explosives were found in Musab’s possession, Ayman Al Zawahiri convened in Sudan a Shariaa court, where Musab confessed he had been given the bomb by the Egyptians which he was told to detonate at the next Shura council meeting.

Both were found guilty of “sodomy, treason, and attempted murder”, and sentenced to death by a firing squad.  The trial and the execution were filmed, copied and distributed by al-Jihad.  The incident undermined severely Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk’s position in the EIJ organization, and when the Sudanese found out about the illegal executions, al-Jihad was ordered to leave the country. Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk opposed the strengthen relations between the leadership of the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad – EIJ and Osama Bin Laden.

In 1995 Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk was sentenced in Egypt to death, in absentia, for plotting to bomb the Khan al-Khalili bazaar in Cairo.  

Through 1996, Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk maintained telephone contact with Mahmoud Jaballah in Canada. Also in 1996, employed by the “Society of Revival of Islamic Heritage” he traveled to Albania and it is assumed that he was in connection with the Tirana-Cell.

In 12/1996 Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk was arrested in Russia for five months when he accompanied Ayman Al Zawahiri in his visit in Chechnya, along with a third operative Mahmud Hisham al-Hennawi, all used fake passports. They were jailed in Makhachakla prison in Dagestan.

In 04/1997, the three were sentenced to six months and were, subsequently, released a month later. They ran off to Azerbaijan without paying their court-appointed attorney Abulkhalik Abdusalamov his $1,800 legal fee. Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk managed to secure himself a position in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

Since Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk was a long time opponent to the relation with Osama Bin Laden’s group he was distanced by Ayman Al Zawahiri from activity and remained in Azerbaijan forming his own group – the ‘Bavari-C’.

Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk was supervised by the Israeli Mossad, who was monitoring Iranian Intelligence activity in Baku, and the information was tipped over to the CIA.

On 08/20/1998, the Azeri police arrested Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk, Essam Marzouk and Ihab Saqr in a hotel room in Baku along with a laptop containing information about the Tirana-Cell.   

All 3 were handed over to the CIA and later to Egypt to face Egyptian military court in what became known as the ALBANIAN-TRIAL.  Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk cooperated with the interrogation in Egypt, he told his investigators about efforts to obtain chemical weapons for terror usage and gave up the names and locations of dozens of EGYPTIAN Islamic jihad members, although previously sentenced to death, in absentia, he was instead sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment.

While in prison, Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk began to lead a militant al-Marj group in the Abu Zabal prison camp. In the summer of 2004, he used this position to denounce an attempt by Nabil Naim to preach that violence was counter-productive to jihad.

On Sunday 07/27/2008 night, Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk’s son Ibrahim, was killed in Pakistan FATA region by an American UAV missile attack along side Midhat Mursi and  four others .

Today (05/2009) Ahmad  Salamah Mabruk is still in Egyptian custody.


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