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On 01/09/2004, the Swiss police arrested 10 suspects related to the financing of the Riyadh Suicide Attacks in Saudi Arabia, on 05/12/2003. They were arrested after one of the suspects in the devastating Riyadh bombing had a cell phone with 36 Swiss mobile-telephone numbers recorded in its memory. Following up on those numbers, Swiss police over the next nine months arrested 10 suspect, smostly Yemeni and Somali natives, who were found to have been engaging in mostly low-level criminal activity including forging documents and human trafficking. Five suspects have been released but remain under investigation.


The cell was led by a Yemeni exile named Abdelhamid al-Fayek, 56, a Bern

Resident, who was allegedly the ringleader of the group. In the house of Abdelhamid al-Fayek police found incriminating documents, which linked the suspect to terror finance and recruitment, pictures of David Courtailler and phone numbers of suspects related to the logistic backup of The 9/11 (probably the cell in Spain – see AQ-Logistic).


Abdelhamid al-Fayek and another suspect named Jabr Rajeh Hassan al-Said, 34, who arrived to Switzerland as a political asylum seeker in 1995, were in close connections with the Yemeni citizen Abdallah al-Kini (from Kenya where a large group of Yemenis is living), also known as Owaiss. Abdallah al-Kini, whose real name is Abdullah Ahmed al-Raimi, was arrested in Qatar, UAE, on 07/20/2003, and then extradited, in 05/2004, to Yemen, where he appears to be cooperating with authorities. (One indicator: Owaiss identified a picture of one of the Swiss suspects as somebody he had known who had undergone training in explosives at Al Qaeda’s al-Farouq training camp in Afghanistan). He was officially charged in Yemen, on 08/24/2004, and sentenced to four years in jail. Abdullah Ahmed al-Raimi took part in the Sanaa Escape, on 02/03/2006.


The Swiss report of the country’s chief deputy federal prosecutor, Claude Nicati (Nicati’s Report) described Abdallah al-Kini (Abdullah Ahmed al-Raimi) as an “operational Al Qaeda agent” involved in the October 2000 attack on the destroyer USS Cole off Yemen, which killed 17 American sailors, and a close associate of Saif al-Adel.


By the end of 2004 all the detainees were released in Switzerland from terror charges but the Swiss Federal court said they can be prosecuted for criminal charges. 
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