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* Adel Mohammed Abdel Magid Bary was born in 1960 in Egypt. He married in Cairo in 1981 after returning from a year’s study in Yemen. In Egypt Adel Magid Bary was soon arrested, like so many other Islamic activists, following Anwar Sadat’s assassination.


Under his son’s influence – Adel Magid Bary’s father had also grown a beard and got closer to Islam while his sister wore a face veil. Adel Magid Bary himself had taken all the family photographs and burned them.

Eventually Adel Magid Bary left for the USA, probably in 1984. In US he had finished his degree and was soon a well-known human-rights lawyer.  Adel Magid Bary had strong contacts with Amnesty International in those years when arrests in Egypt of suspected opposition figures were in the thousands. On a return trip from the USA to Egypt via the UK in 1991, Adel Magid Bary applied for political asylum in Great Britain. It was granted in 1993.

While at large in London he worked for Al Qaeda ‘s Advice and Reform Committee under Khaled al-Fawaz and alongside another Egyptian militant living in UK –  Ibrahim Hussein Abdel Hadi Eidarous .

  In 10/1993, Adel Magid Bary contacted Mahmoud Jaballah to mention he was shipping him several books and periodicals, including al-Mujahideen and al-Faqr magazines for distribution in Canada and some audiocassettes he asked him to forward on to Thirwat Shehata, a core member of the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad – EIJ.

Adel Magid Bary  was sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt in 1995 for his part in the 1995 plot to blow up the Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo, along with Ahmad al-Naggar and Ahmad Salamah Mabruk.

 In 1998 Adel Magid Bary  asked al-Naggar to claim asylum in the UK, so he could help convince Hani Sibai to support the Algerian GIA in media communiques.

Adel Magid Bary was arrested, in 09/1998, at his home in London after a dawn raid by British police which detained seven men living in Britain through use of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989, accusing them of links to al-Jihad in connection with the 1998 United States embassy bombings in East Africa on 08/07/1998.

The British police found there was no terrorism case to charge Adel Magid Bary with. He was charged with possession of gas canisters, bailed, and then acquitted in a jury trial.

Adel Magid Bary  received an additional life sentence in absentia in Egypt in the 1999 case of the Returnees from Albania, in which he was convicted of being a media agent of EIJ and the head of EIJ’s London component (see – ALBANIAN-TRIAL ).

Six months later , in 1999, Adel Magid Bary’s extradition was requested by the USA on exactly the same evidence dismissed in Britain the previous year.

Adel Magid Bary, together with fellow Egyptian Ibrahim Hussein Abdel Hadi Eidarous until the latter’s death, were in the custody of the UK since 1999, fighting extradition to the USA, where they are wanted in connection with the 1998 United States embassy bombings in East Africa on 08/07/1998.


According to the American indictment, Adel Magid Bary  communicated by satellite phone with Ayman Al Zawahiri. Zawahiri invited Adel Magid Bary  into the British component of Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), and Adel Magid Bary accepted, promising to obey the EIJ leadership. Adel Magid Bary and Eidarous were also accused of issuing statements to several press organs shortly after the embassy bombings, in which they claim to represent the perpetrators.

The Saudi Khaled al-Fawaz was arrested earlier and was in a similar situation. Both men were extradited to the US in 10/2012 (see – EHRC – 04.10.12 ).


One of Adel Magid Bary’s son – Abdel-Magid Bary, born in 1990, was known as rapper L Jinny or Lyricist Jinn at home in London. His rising music career saw him appear in videos and have his singles played on BBC Radio in 2012. In mid 2013 Abdel-Magid Bary reportedly travelled to Syria from Maida Vale, west London, where he lived with his mother and five siblings (see also – Western-Jihadists).  


He came to national attention in UK in early 2014, when he posted a picture of himself holding a severed head on Twitter  after resurfacing in Syria. The gruesome picture  believed to have been taken in the I.S.I.S stronghold of Raqqa, Eastern Syria. He is  inked to a group of British jihadists known as “The Beatles”, including a man known as “John”  who beheaded American journalist James Foley . The executioner was, eventually, identified on 02/26/2015, as Mohammed Emwazi .

 On 08/19/2014, a gruesome video of James Foley  beheading surfaced in the web. The video, apparently produced by I.S as a warning to the US to stop air strikes against the group in Iraq, ended with Foley’s death (see – SYRIAN DILEMA ).

According to Arab sources, on 07/13/2015 Abdel-Magid Bary appears to have fallen out with Islamic State and confirmed publicly last week that he was no longer committed to its cause.He is believed to be hiding among thousands of refugees in the chaotic border zone with Turkey.

It is not known why Abdel-Magid Bary  fell out with Islamic State but believed to be among up to 50 British fighters trapped in limbo in Turkey.  Many Western Jihadists have grown increasingly disillusioned amid sustained coalition bombing and military losses as well as tough living conditions.





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